Signs That Show Your Marriage Can Be Fixed

download (71)If your relationship with your partner is currently facing some difficulties, your mind is pretty much drawn into ending the relationship instead of finding ways on how to fix your marriage. Take your mind away from the negative thoughts for a moment and analyze the things that are at stake once you sever your marriage and then ask yourself if saving your marriage is still worth it. On the off-chance that you do not know the answer to that question, but you are still determined to save your relationship, here are some signs that will tell you that it is still worth fighting for.

You Understand That You Are Not the Perfect Partner

The first thing you have to be aware of is that you are not perfect, and you may make flaws and mistakes. The same thing goes with your partner. Knowing that no one in your relationship is perfect can help you understand each other better. Remember the time that you reacted because of a particular action or poor judgment that your partner exhibited? Try to put yourself in their shoe

My Husband Keeps Changing His Stance About Whether To Separate Or Stay, Why

images (51)It can be very difficult dealing with the problem at hand when your husband announces that he wants to separate or leave you. It feels so much better when that same husband changes his mind a few days later. The relief can be hard to describe. But sometimes, this relief is somewhat short-lived. Because after the relief, the doubt sets in. You can begin to wonder when your husband was most truthful about his feelings – when he wanted to leave? Or when he wanted to stay? And you can worry that the next time he gets angry, he’ll want to leave all over again.

You may talk to friends or family members about this, only to be told that you’re being paranoid or that you’re being silly not to just let it go. Someone might describe it this way: “I know that I should not really be complaining about my situation. I had a very close call with my husband. He literally packed his bags and told me that he wanted a separation and that he was leaving me. I begged

Why God Is Good

images (46)Do you wonder if God is really with you through your wilderness? I must admit I’ve been roaming around in the wilderness for some years now. Not because of fear or being misguided. But because I’ve tried holding on to something I didn’t understand.

Telling this story about myself is difficult, but I believe it’s worth it. It’s worth it because I know there are many more like me out there, and I just want to say, “Yes, God is with you in your wilderness, and NEVER waiver from this belief. Though it’s difficult to comprehend while we’re in it, the fact still remains that God will not, could not, and has no desire to leave us; however, we must come to discern how we really got there and why we’re still there.

My story:

When I got married five years ago, I thought I found my Knight-and-Shinning Armor. Everything fell right into place. For me this was more than wonderful, it was something I had wanted for years. I continued to thank God for what I thought was His blessing; only to find

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Save Your Marriage

images (50)Not all marriages can be saved; however, the process of getting a divorce is not the answer to a matrimonial dysfunction no matter how bad it is. In fact, it is important to note that most kids do not want their parents to separate even with all the arguments and their problems. According to research, the main concern of the younger population ages 4-16 is the possibility that their parents will break up. The 25-year study which was participating by 131 children revealed that individuals still remember the fear, loneliness and terror that they experienced after their parents’ divorce. Just for this reason, saving your marriage is definitely worth it. Here are some of the unconventional ways to do it.

How to Fix Your Marriage

Building a List

Ask your partner to sit down for a moment and have a worthwhile conversation while listing the things that has been a frequent source of your arguments. Remember not to dwell on this topic and just pass it instantly. If your relationship is on the rocks, the first thing you need to do is to stop

Top 5 Keys To A Successful Marriage

images (49)‘Marriages are made in heaven.’ We all have come across this cliché sentence, at least once in our lives. But seldom do we realize that marriages need to be cherished, down here on earth. To make a marriage last for a lifetime, both the partners need to put in their heart and soul.

When two people tie the knot, consciously or unconsciously they start believing that they have achieved the ultimate goal of their love life; marrying their loved one. Many marriages fail because the spouses think that since they are now married, nothing more needs to be done with their love life. Whereas, the real struggle starts after getting into the bond of marriage. Enough has been said and written about making relationships healthy and successful. But there are some fundamental key points that are imperative for making a marriage last forever. The basic 5 keys to a successful marriage life that are in practice since time immemorial, include:

Respect Is The Main Key To A Successful Marriage

Respect plays a vital role in making any relationship a success. Same goes for a

How To Save My Marriage An Increasingly Common Question

download (69)Whether it’s because the world is turning more and more materialistic or because people are less responsible, the sad truth is that this question is incredibly common. In fact, one of every two marriages is likely to end up in a divorce. Just think about the magnitude of this troublesome statistic. The truth is that the things that most likely drive people apart are those which are most obvious. The most common causes for a divorce a deeply psychological are so obvious that the majority of people simply ignore them. Whether they choose to overlook them out of sheer stubbornness or out of their inability to admit their mistakes, people are willing to throw away their marriage for some pretend-principles that they don’t even truly stand for. Identifying your problem should come first. Finding the solution isn’t as challenging.

Trust is Fragile – Be Careful

People say that it takes years to earn someone’s trust and just a moment to shatter it completely. And, unfortunately, they can’t be more right. You can spend years building the trust between you and your companion and

Different Methods On How To Save Your Marriage

images (48)In case you are experiencing an agony caused by your partner and you are disappointed about how your relationship has turned out or maybe if you are feeling a bit unappreciated, but you still don’t want to give up on your relationship, then these methods on how to save your marriage are for you. Sitting and wishing that the best is yet to come will only cause you more pain. Trying to change your partner forcefully the way you want him/her to be will only worsen the situation. Even if one of you has already raised the white flag, do not lose hope as everything will be just fine if you are pretty determined to keep this relationship.

Methods on How to Fix Your Marriage

1. The Power of Communication – Knowing when to talk, where to talk and what to discuss about is the key principle and an effective way to iron out the complications within the relationship. The successful conversation highly depends on the perfect timing. Initiating a conversation in front of the kids or other people during dinner time is

How to Fix Your Marriage Without Visiting a Therapist

download (70)Are you in a situation where you struggle to find the right way of handling your marriage as you feel a lot has gone out of control? If so, you are one of many people who’ve found themselves in this situation. The first thing you’d need to understand is that you’re not alone. Over 50% of the marriages result in a divorce. While this might be an unpleasant statistic, the truth is that it’s only natural. People are different. Emotions are not permanent, and they could be quite misleading. While there are a lot of reasons for which marriages fall apart, the psychological and subjective ones are more important as they are more common. With this in mind, there are quite a few things that can go wrong in a marriage. But don’t worry – there is a solution to each one of them.

Feelings Have Cooled Off – Reignite Them

You are in this marriage for a decade now, and you start to feel as if there is nothing romantic going on about it. Well, that’s without a doubt one of the

LGBT, Same-Sex Marriage, and Christianity’s Collision Course With Itself

images (47)Before you deplore the title, let me say from the outset, I don’t view this as any definitive prophecy. It’s just what I feel God’s Spirit has shown me as I look on, in this day, regarding the same-sex marriage debate and LGBT issues in general, and the insidious agenda to destroy Christianity’s influence and effect on society once and for all.

There is a splintering occurring, and I see this more internationally than nationally, though nationally the transition is occurring at light speed. The splinter factions are from within the church itself – mainly the visible church. This is why I feel Christianity is on a collision course with itself. Every person believing upon Christ will, in the final days, be asked to take a side. And in taking a side we will side against Christ. In taking a side we will side against love. And having said that, we will find it almost impossible not to take a side. These are heady days!

My question is, are these the last days of Christianity? Not the church, nor Christians, nor faith… but

How To Save Your Marriage By Better Communication

download (68)Do you ever feel that the good energy and happiness in your marriage life is fading off? The feeling of mutual love towards each other is not as strong anymore? Are you constantly wondering about the ways and the answers to the question “how to save my marriage”? It might come as a surprise to you that many problems in marriage arise due to the simple issue of lacking good communication skills between the spouses.

A few remedies and a change of habits will be able to save your marriage and a lot of heartbreak and pain. One of the most common communication problems between spouses is trying to communicate when the other person is not ready physically or emotionally to hear what you need to say. This can be as simple as letting them take some time to relax after getting home from work before you tell them a problem. It means that you should always make sure they are emotionally ready to face or understand the problem that you are telling them.

According to many men, even when they are ready

How To Save Your Marriage By Working On Yourself

images (45)Marriage is a team work; we are all aware of that. Imagine if one of the major players of a team starts slacking down and not putting their best into it, the answer is that it will affect the performance of the whole team. Even if a player in a game is born with skill, they still have to be updated and frequently practice to make sure they perform well. Marriage is similar to a team sport, and you have to be working on your skills to ensure in order not to worry about how to save your marriage after a few years.

It is the human nature to find someone else to blame for anything wrong that happens. Therefore, when things are tough on your marriage, you will instantly try to put the blame on your spouse. Have you ever stopped to think what you may be doing wrong? Or is it merely a whole lot of arguing and putting the blame on the other person? If it is the latter, then this article is for you. Sometimes the answer to

How To Save Your Marriage With A Stubborn Partner

download (67)When you also have a stubborn partner, it’s important that you stay patient and try to communicate with them efficiently. It’s only normal that two people have different ideas, beliefs, values and behaviors, but married couples should understand that they can overcome this obstacle.

It may be frustrating for a person to live with a stubborn partner every day for the rest of their lives that’s why you should know how to save your marriage as soon as possible. If you’re also in this situation right now, here are some strategies that you can use. Although it may prove to be difficult, at the end of the day, you’ll realize that you’re getting fruitful results.

1. If you can’t beat them, join them. If your partner continually stresses you out with the things that you argue with, try to release all those frustrations aside. Instead, try to find things that are common to you both. During your arguments, breathe deeply, find a new perspective and try to communicate with them again.

2. Understand your partner. There are times that you and your partner will

Things To Avoid When Your Separated Spouse Returns Home

download (66)Sometimes, when your husband is away because you are going through a marital separation, the day he comes back is considered one of the best days of your life. After all, you have worked for this day. You have sacrificed for this day. You have dreamed of this day. In fact, I know first hand that we have planned this day for so long, very few us worry nearly as much as to what happens after he is actually home.

This is understandable. Because often, it’s so hard to get him to come back that we are using all of our energy and our skill to make this happen. However, unfortunately some of us learn that not spending enough time on the “what happens afterward” question turns out to be costly.

A wife might say: “I can’t believe it’s been six months since we separated. It’s not as if the time flew by or that it was like a vacation. It was awful. Every day felt long. It’s just that there was a time when we were so happy that never would I

5 Things a Woman Can Give Her Husband to Bring a Dead Marriage Back to Life

images (44)Often when we walk down the aisle, we want to believe that our husbands will be everything to us.

We want them to love us unconditionally, encourage us, make us happy, and become our best friends.

However, we often feel short-changed when it comes to the marriage relationship because we become disappointed in our husbands for one reason or another.

While you should enjoy your marriage, one thing you should understand is that marriage is not necessarily about your happiness. Marriage can help you to become a better individual and make you stronger. It should help to enhance and improve you as a person, but sometimes the improvements and enhancements can come at a cost and great pain.

When I say pain, I do not mean abuse or adultery. These types of situations require counseling, and/or other types of immediate intervention. Both of these situations are inexcusable and could ultimately cause death.

Your marriage should be a reflection of Christ and His church. But at times it’s not. In fact, sometimes your marriage can be dead!

However, it is possible to rekindle the love and bring

7 Things to Do When Conflict Hits Your Marriage and You Can’t Communicate!

images (43)Ronette was heartbroken. She felt she had made the biggest mistake by marrying Claude. He didn’t want to work. He never showed affection to her, and the only time he was nice was when he wanted to have sex.

Ronette wanted kids, but Claude didn’t. He had two kids from a previous marriage and a third one from a one night stand in high school. No wonder why Claude didn’t want more kids!

But Ronette wished she would have known that before they got married, but she didn’t ask Claude about kids. She assumed that Claude did because she didn’t know he had so many kids.

Ronette thought, “Where did I go wrong?”

She was frustrated and angry about working two jobs.

She and Claude didn’t know how to communicate without arguing. Whether it was about the bills, sex, or in-laws, there was always some type of conflict they could not handle properly.

How could she reconnect with her husband when there were so many gaps?

Communication was important to Ronette, but for some reason she allowed herself to fall in love without asking the proper questions.


My Separated Husband Swears He Loves Me, But He Doesn’t Act Like It

images (42)When you are separated, sometimes it’s only natural to put a negative spin on (or to analyze) everything. After all, you’re operating on fear. You’ve had to experience some of your worst fears coming true, so you’re bound to wonder just what new problems are going to crop up next.

That is why, even when you hear the words that you’ve been longing to hear, you can doubt them. You can analyze them. And you may not be able to ignore it when your husband’s actions do not match his words. If he’s telling you that he really does care for and love you, but his actions might indicate otherwise, how should you interpret both things, working together?

For example, you may have a separated husband who, when pressed, assures you that his love for you hasn’t evaporated. He may claim that he still cares about your feelings. But then he moves out and forces you to live on your own and to face an uncertain future. And, during the separation, he may act in ways that aren’t loving at all. So what

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Our Responsibility As A Spouse

images (41)Our responsibility as a spouse as defined in the Book of Ephesians is to love the other as our own body and to show respect.

That is the ultimate ingredient for a happy marriage. But the Bible doesn’t go into detail about what to do when your spouse wants to go off and pursue his dream or work on personal development and become a whole new person. But the bigger question is: does it really need to? Like we can’t figure out from “love your spouse like your own body” that just because a spouse wants to better himself doesn’t mean we should throw up the walls and forbid it.

Today’s culture is so focused on the here and now and instant gratification that many of us are willing to drop something if it isn’t working out. Today, we see married couples separating for a number of reasons. When life gets a little rough, they are quick to call it quits and move onto what they think are greener pastures.

Where is the commitment? What happened to the marriage vows they took at their

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He Rose Up and Called Her Blessed – And We All Took Notice

images (40)My former boss and his wife were an enigma to me. I wonder if they knew how closely I watched them. Their relationship simply wasn’t normal. I grew up in a home too often filled with fear and abuse, so my perspective was skewed. I realized that and began to learn from their interactions. I had never met a couple such as this one.

At first, as odd as it must sound, I noticed the rare times when they disagreed about something during a conversation. This was apparently not only acceptable but healthy, which was an entirely new concept for me. There were no fearful silences or harsh glances suggesting future rebukes. Sometimes he said something, she disagreed (or vice versa), and they went on amicably, without argument, to other subjects. There was no fear in their love. There was respect.

They touched often, holding hands and exchanging smiles and small gifts, such her favorite candy bars. Yet they did not exclude the people around them. They always remembered those of us who were single, especially around holidays. Dinners and parties at their

Marriage Success

download (65)Dear Ones,

In the Hindu family, mutual respect, love and understanding are the bedrock of harmony. By not fighting, arguing or criticizing, members cultivate a spiritual environment in which all may progress.

Hindu ideals of manhood and womanhood and their interaction are among the most subtle, insightful and graceful in all the world. When followed, these principles strengthen man and woman, sustain a joyous and balanced marriage, and stabilize the family. Of course, such high ideals are rarely followed to perfection. But the soul’s inner perfection is naturally revealed in the attempt.

I am a born again Hindu, 73 years young. I have had 8 children, (7 surviving), by 5 beautiful mothers, but until I studied with my Guru I could never get a relationship to last more than 12 years. Many lasted less.

First of all my Guru taught us that men and women’s minds are different. A man will make a decision on what he thinks, on his analysis of the matter. On the other hand a woman will decide on how she feels about it. I do not mean that men cannot

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How to Be Adamant About Winning the Love of Your Life

download (64)You have reached your late twenties or early thirties. You are on the look out for that special person in your life and would like to settle down in life. But how can you be adamant about winning the love of your life? Now that’s interesting. Read on for highlights.

My Dad was a perfect bachelor when he became friends with my Uncle through one of his social/professional clubs. Uncle asked Dad to visit a town with him where he was going on a training. In that little town, Uncle visited his in-laws’ place.

While they were waiting for the hosts to arrive in the external living room on the ground floor, Dad flipped through the pages of the host family album.

Soon he came across a lady’s photograph which caught his attention at large. He asked Uncle about her and he confided that she was his wife’s much younger sister.

After leaving the place that evening, Dad couldn’t forget the lady in the photograph. Uncle guessed what was going through his mind and decided to help him out.

The very next day he gave a

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